About The Project
About The Project
The International Competition for Young Pianists "New Generation" is the second stage of the project. During the first stage - the All-Russian competition of Young Composers and Music Journalists - the compositions that are mandatory for performance at the second stage were selected.
The International Competition for Young Pianists "New Generation" is designed to give children a chance to demonstrate their skills in front of an international jury, get an invitation to participate in various international projects, establish creative ties with their peers-composers and pianists, perform with the Karelian State Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra.
Stages of the competition
Correspondence nomination

The correspondence nomination is held in one round of video recordings, regardless of the full-time nomination, applications are accepted until February 12, 2023.

Full - time nomination

1. Qualifying round (according to videos for all age groups) from 01.11.2022 to 20.01.2023;

2. Solo performances on 28.02-01.03.2023 in Petrozavodsk (for all age groups);

3. Performance with the Karelian State Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra (for V-VII age groups) 02.03.2023

Master classes and excursions

Master classes of the jury members for the participants of the competition, free excursions are planned

2-3 different works in the correspondence nomination and 3 in the full-time nomination,
​​​​​​​one of which (in both nominations) is a mandatory play
(the choice of a mandatory play is not strictly tied to the age group and is carried out by the participant and his teacher,
based on the performance capabilities of the contestant. It is allowed to perform a mandatory piece by the score)
Age groups (as of 01.11.2022), duration of performances:
Group I: up to 5 years;
up to 5 minutes
Submit an application Mandatory play
Group II: from 7 to 8 years;
up to 7 minutes
Submit an application Mandatory plays
(one to choose from)
Group III: from 9 to 10 years;
up to 10 minutes
Submit an application Mandatory plays
(one to choose from)
Group IV: from 11 to 12 years; 
up to 13 minutes
Submit an application Mandatory plays
(one to choose from)
Group V: from 13 to 15 years;
up to 15 minutes
Submit an application Mandatory plays
(one to choose from)
Group VI: from 16 to 18 years;
up to 20 minutes
Submit an application Mandatory plays
(one to choose from)
Group VII: from 19 to 22 years;
up to 25 minutes
Submit an application Mandatory play
The Competition Jury 
 Dmitry Vasiliev ​​​​​​​(Russia)
Dmitry Vasiliev
Conductor and Artistic Director of the Omsk Academic Symphony Orchestra, Honored Worker of Culture of the 
Omsk region
​​​​​​​(full-time nomination)​​​​​​​
 Armine Grigoryan ​​​​​​​(Armenia)
Armine Grigoryan
Pianist, laureate of international competitions, Professor of the Yerevan Conservatory, Director of the A.I. Khachaturian House Museum 
in Yerevan
correspondence and full-time nominations)
Vsevolod Zaderatsky (Russia)
Vsevolod Zaderatsky
Musicologist, Doctor of Art History, Professor of the Tchaikovsky Moscow State University, Editor-in-Chief of the journal "PianoForum", Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, laureate of the State Prize, Chairman of the 
Guild of Musicology of the 
Russian Musical Union
​​​​​​​(full-time nomination)​​​​​​​
Marina Zaderatskaya ​​​​​​​(Russia)
Marina Zaderatskaya
Musicologist, journalist, General Director of the magazine "PianoForum", scientific secretary of the Guild of Musical Performance of the 
Russian Musical Union
​​​​​​​(correspondence nomination)
 Pavel Levadny  (Russia)
Pavel Levadny
Composer, pianist, Executive Secretary of the Union of Composers of Russia, Scientific Secretary of the Guild of Music Education and the Guild of Musicology of the Russian Musical Union, columnist of the "PianoForum" magazine, director of the Moscow State Music School No. 66, head of the New Generation project
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​(correspondence and full-time nominations)

Oksana Levko ​​​​​​​(Russia)
Oksana Levko
PhD, musicologist, producer pf international cultural projects, 
Ass. Professor of Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Artistic Director of “Yamaha Music” (Russia) (full-time nomination)
 Jean-Baptiste Fonlupt  (France)
Jean-Baptiste Fonlupt
Concert pianist, professor of Rueil-Malmaison Conservatoire in Paris, France, and at the Royal Institute for Music and Pedagogy in Namur, Belgium, laureate of international competitions
​​​​​​​(correspondence nomination)
 Alexander Yakovlev  (Russia)
Alexander Yakovlev
Concert pianist, teacher, laureate of international competitions, artistic director of the competition-festival "Grand Piano in Palace", professor of the Academy of Music in Minneapolis (USA), professor of the Academy of Music in Takamatsu (Japan)
​​​​​​​(correspondence nomination)

Prizes and awards
- Special prizes from the competition jury;
- Gifts and awards from the contest partners;
- Free excursion program;
- Certificates and diplomas to all participants of the competition and their teachers
50,000 rubles
(for participants of the full-time nomination)
Submit an application
​​​​​​​The registration fee for participation in the competition is 70 euro rubles for full-time nomination and 90 euro for correspondence nomination
* Nomination
* Full name
* Date of birth
* City, country of residence
* Phone, e-mail
* Full name of the teacher
Educational institution, class/stage
* Birth certificate
не более: 1
* Program:
Competition performance
не более: 1
Link to the competition performance
* Photo of the participant
не более: 1
* About yourself (hobbies, favorite composers, etc.)
* Receipt for payment of the registration fee
не более: 1
Concert of the laureates of the First International competition of young pianists
"New Generation"
February 11, 2022, Bazhenov Hall of the Grand Palace of the Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve, Moscow
Project Team
Pavel Levadny
Pavel Levadny
Project Manager
Alina Burova
Alina Burova
Project promotion
Irina Levadnaya
Irina Levadnaya
Organization and support of the project
Nadezhda Kudashova
Nadezhda Kudashova
Financial and legal support
Anna Kharitonova
Anna Kharitonova
Project partners